The Three Sisters

The 3 Sisters are located just off of Waterside St, at the north end of the town centre

The 3 Sisters stand as a monument to Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, and the pillars represent the astronomy observatory that was built in 1808 at Brisbane House, by Sir Thomas. He favoured this observatory and did his most important work here. He chose to built the 3 Sisters on Green Hill, as meridian sighting posts so that he could establish due north, even if the north star was not visible.

In the Brisbane Glen, there is another smaller pillar in the field near to his observatory, which was originally a device through which the 3 Sisters could be sighted, and due north established.

Where the 3 Sisters stand is known as Green Hill, which was known at one time as Moot Hill, because it may have been used as a court or law area moot by local lairds during the Medieval times. Another suggestion for the name is that a small defensive building stood here to form a Mott-and-bailey (fort on a hill).

Should you wish for more historical information, or places to visit concerning the Brisbane family, please see our Brisbane Glen Walk, on the Walking page, or contact Largs Museum on 01475 687081.

Sir Thomas Brisbane

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